What’s Next? Continuing your Ninja Journey

So you’ve just completed your first Ninja Clinic and you’re realizing this Ninja stuff is pretty cool. You’re hungry for more. What’s next?

Finished your first Fundamentals Clinic? Join us for a full day of INTERMEDIATE / ADVANCED skills.

Feeling comfortable with your tires on the ground but itching to get some air? Take a JUMPING MINI-CLINIC.

Jazzed after a Multi-Day Clinic? Sign up for an ADVENTURE CAMP in a NEW location.  Every clinic location offers unique terrain with new and different challenges.

As riders, we are never done learning. Every new place we ride offers new challenges and reminds us of those rusty skills that need attention. You will discover different takeaways from a camp in the rock tech of Sedona vs. the flowy rooty descents at Mulberry Gap.

Here are a few of our favorite riding destinations and what you can look forward to:

SEDONA, AZ: Technical descents, step-ups, ledges, drops.

LAGUNA MOUNTAIN, CA: High speed cornering, small jumps, skinnies, natural technical features.

BREVARD, NC: Fast descents, roots, drops, endless miles of trails, great small town appeal.

MULBERRY GAP, GA: Roots, fast descents, technical switchbacks, long rides, home cooked meals.

Journey on Ninjas!


Richard La China is a Professional Mountain Bike racer, USAC Certified Cycling Coach and a IMBA Certified Mountain Bike Skills Instructor who coaches beginner to pro cyclist. Currently working with mountain bike XC, Endurance and Enduro racers and other competitive and non-competitive mountain bike riders seeking to become their best.

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