What We Do

We specialize in training COMPLETE athletes with Mountain Bike Skills Clinics, Camps and Fitness Coaching.

We know that mountain bike skills and the overall health and fitness of an athlete work in a symbiotic relationship to achieve maximum enjoyment and success in the sport. If you don’t have a basic level of fitness, no amount of technical skill will help you clear that climb—or descent—at mile 50 of the ride when your heart rate is maxed out and your legs are wobbly like Jell-o. Likewise, fitness without bike handling skills is a recipe for spending lots of time in Urgent Care waiting rooms, and, even with a good magazine selection, that’s never a good time.

To train athletes that have both skills and fitness, our approach is simple, and two-pronged: we offer Skills Training AND Fitness Coaching. Yes. It’s that simple. We weren’t kidding. Our IMBA Certified Skills Instructors can teach you the bike handling skills you need to keep the rubber side down while navigating technical terrain. And, our USA Cycling Certified Coaches can help you achieve new levels of fitness, whether you goal is to climb that darn hill by your house without your lungs exploding, or win a national championship.

Find out more:

BROWSE BY LOCATIONAll upcoming clinics, camps and free events.

FUNDAMENTALS CLINICSBuild a toolbox of skills that can be used by any rider, regardless of experience.

WOMEN'S ONLY CLINICSLearn in an nonjudgmental setting with an encouraging group of your peers.

INTERMEDIATE / ADVANCED CLINICSLearn how to tackle technical trails with confidence and commitment.

JUMPING MINI-CLINICSLearn the Fundamentals of Jumping in a safe setting with top instructors.

MULTI-DAY CAMPSIntermediate / Advanced Skills camps in super cool locations.

FREE MTB EVENTSKids rides, workouts, team camps, parties!

FITNESS COACHINGPersonalized, mountain bike specific training plan to help you achieve your performance goals.

Our Philosophy

At Ninja Mountain Bike Skills, we believe that rocks and roots should never interrupt your flow and that drops should be met with excitement, not fear.

We believe that anticipation and planning will help you navigate technical terrain and tight switchbacks.

We believe that effective braking and proper weight distribution can help you defy gravity.

We believe that sometimes, faster IS safer.
We believe that cornering efficiently and choosing the best line don’t just happen, they are skills that can be taught and mastered by all riders.

We believe in riding responsibly by staying on marked trails and never leaving our gel packets, CO2 cartridges and other trash behind.

We believe in riding in a manner that does not disrupt the experience of others we encounter on the trails like hikers or horseback riders.

We believe that once you learn to control your fear and stay relaxed – to walk the line between fight and flight – and to respect the code of the trail,  you, too, will be able to RIDE LIKE A NINJA.



noun ˈnin-jə, -(ˌ)jä

noun, plural nin·ja, nin·jas.


1. A skilled mountain bike rider who floats over roots, rocks and other obstacles while scorching down singletrack trails with seemingly effortless precision, efficiency, and stealth.

a. Mountainbikerese, equivalent to nin- gnarley + ja- rider (Millenial equivalent to mad + skills)