Are rental bikes available?

Yes, rental bikes are available upon request at all our events. Your request must be received at least two weeks in advance of your event date.  Bike brand, make, model, and wheel size may vary depending on clinic or camp location and availability.

Whats the difference between a Clinic, Mini-Clinic, Camp, Adventure and a Tour?

Each of our events offers something a little different.  From focusing a specific skills, a group of skills progressions or just out shredding some rad single-track.  Venues vary too, from local community parks to bike parks in far-away countries!  To learn all the details and choose which is right for you, check here.

What should I bring to my clinic or camp?

Helmets are mandatory, so make sure to bring one. Additionally, we recommend that you bring gloves, pads, a topped-off hydration pack or a couple of full water bottles, and some snacks. Oh yeah, and don’t forget your bike and shoes! If you are attending one of our full-day or weekend camp in a remote location, it may be advisable to pack a lunch.  Keep an eye on your email the days prior to your event with recommendations.

Do I need pads?

Pads are not mandatory at of any of our clinics or camps, but we highly recommend you bring—and use!—them.  We’ve seen a set of pads give our participants that added level of safety and comfort needed for them to have a light-bulb breakthrough moment.  Our favorite pads are the lightweight and flexible G form pads.

What kind of bike do I need?

Hard-tail or full-suspension, cross country or downhill, 26”, 27.5″ or 29” wheels, disc brakes or cantilever brakes, it doesn’t matter!  Any kind of mountain bike will do as long as it’s in good working order.

What kind of pedals should I have on my bike?

We recommend you ride whatever pedals you’re most comfortable with. However, we have found that it’s much easier to learn the majority of the skills with flat pedals.

What is your policy on cancellations?

You can review cancellation policy here.

Is there an age limit for clinic or camp participants?

There’s no age limit but there is an age minimum. You must be at least 11 years old to attend a Fundamentals Clinic and at least 15 to attend an Int/Advanced Clinic or a multi-day event.

Are there any prerequisites to attending a Jumping Mini-Clinic?

Yes. You must have at least two years mountain biking experience and/or have attended a Fundamentals or Int/Advanced Clinic to participate in a mini jumping clinic.

Are there any prerequisites to attending an Int/Advanced Clinic?

Yes. You must have several years of riding experience and/or have taken a Fundamentals Clinic in order to attend and Int/Advanced Clinic. If you’re not sure if you meet the prerequisites to attend an advanced clinic, please contact us.

Which clinic is right for me?

We usually recommend our Fundamentals Clinic to start with because even the most seasoned riders might never have learned the basics. That being said, there are some experienced riders that can skip ahead to the Int/Advanced. The descriptions for each clinic here: Fundamentals and Intermediate/Advanced.  Take a look again, and if you still need help picking the right clinic for you, please contact us.

Do you offer private group clinics?

Yes! For details, pricing and other information about private group clinics, please check here.

Are your instructors certified?

Yes. All of our instructors are IMBA Certified or PMBI Certified. Additionally, most of our instructors are experienced professional riders.

Are e-Bikes allowed at your events?

Unfortunately, most of the parks we teach at do not allow e-bikes.   It’s best to check with us to see if they are permitted at the venue you’re considering joining us at.

Can I buy the Ninja clothing that that instructors were wearing?

Yes. Our clothing and other Ninja gear is available in our online store.

What level of fitness do I need in order to attend a camp or clinic?

You do not have to be an elite athlete to attend or participate in ANY of our clinics—basic health and fitness is just fine! However, it should be noted that some of our camp locations are more demanding than others, and do require more of a fitness base. If you are concerned about this, please contact us to check for the recommended fitness level of the camp you’re interested in.

What happens if rain is in the forecast at my clinic or camp?

Clinics and Camp may be rescheduled because of rain or other inclement weather. We will notify you with as much notice as possible if a reschedule of your camp or clinic is required.


While gratuity is not required or expected,  it’s certainly appreciated by your instructors and guides!   5-10% for each guest is Industry Standard for exceptional service, support, and expertise.  Unless you’d like to tip separately, guides divide tips among themselves.