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It’s Homework Time!

Browse our riding tips articles below to further your journey to becoming a great rider!  We’ve broken these must-have mountain bike skills down into step-by-step instructions and progressions.  Enjoy!

Ease the Freeze with 8 Cold Weather Riding Tips

By Jeremiah Stone The days are cold and it’s dark by 5pm We’re becoming one with the couch as cookie crumbs gather on our sweatpants, scrolling through Instagram and

10 Steps to Having a Wheelie Fun Time

The wheelie is really a useful riding skill, particularly for getting over trail obstacles, as well as a great way to practice balance and bike control But maybe even

6 Unexpected Ways to Find Your Flow

What is Flow You know that feeling when everything just clicks and you are one with your bike, the trail, the universe  You lose all sense of time as

Top 10 Ways to Stay Motivated to Ride

Let’s be honest, we all have those days when it’s a struggle to hoist ourselves off the couch and into the saddle  Motivation levels fluctuate for everyone and it’s

The What, Why, and How of Jumping your Mountain Bike

Looking for the Manual Machine Blueprints  All the details are here To really become good at jumping your mountain bike you must first understand the various types of jumps

MTBer Desperately Seeking “The One”

A few reasons you might be looking for “The One”… Your friends are disappearing to seek new singletrack and you’ve been left behind plateauing with your boring old partner

Top 10 Tips to Riding in Sand – Like a Boss

  (Photo courtesy of First Tracks Productions) Riding in sand can be challenging and even a little scary, which makes it a frequently discussed topic at our desert teaching

5 Pieces of Bad Mountain Biking Advice

By Hannah Levine 1 “The bike knows what to do – just let it roll!” No matter how much money you spent on your fancy new mountain bike, I

Rock (Squirrel?) Dodge Technique

Have you ever been riding down the trail, turned your front wheel to avoid a large rock and then BUMP, your back wheel hits that same darn rock you

How to Bunny Hop, Step-by-Step Guide

The Wheel Lift Family is comprised of all sorts of maneuvers; front wheel lifts, rear wheel lifts, level lifts, manuals, pedal wheelies, stoppies and of course, the queen of

How to Ride Drops with Confidence

You’re smoking down some sweet single track and right as you nail that last high-speed corner you see your friends seemingly float down a steep drop You choose the

5 Things You Can Do To Instantly Ride Better

Mountain biking doesn’t have to be all about going BIGGER and BADDER  Turns out, tuning up the little things is all it takes to launch your riding to the

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