Gail Shafer

“Gail” and “outdoor adventure” have always been synonymous. From surfing to snowboarding, riding dirt bikes to mountain biking, Gail has always loved and valued her time in the great outdoors.  At the end of the day, her real passion is sharing her skills and experience with anyone ready to dive a little deeper into a new adventure.  Gail is proud to have inspired other women to challenge themselves with new experiences. She knows that all those experiences on a bike and in nature can have life-altering and sustained positive effects on a person’s well being.

Gail’s been riding mountain bikes in the San Diego backcountry ever since her first Noble Canyon descent in 1994. Today you’ll find her getting her stoke on while joy riding down Los Gatos, Noble, and Anderson or taking in the scenery with newly inspired women riders through Cuyamaca State Park and Mount Laguna Recreational Area.

Gail is a certified IMBA level 1 instructor and has years of experience riding with the Mountain Bike Unit (MBU) in the Santa Monica National Recreational area and leading guided rides as an Adventure Director in the Malibu mountains.

When Gail’s not out riding with the girls you’ll find her brushing up on her jumping skills with her two young sons or planning her next camping adventure with the family!