Top 10 Ways to Go Faster on Your Mountain Bike

We often get asked how to go faster on your mountain bike, check out our top 10 tips tips to get you smokin’ down the trail. With practice, these tips will help you ride with more confidence, momentum, efficiency and control. 1. Keep your weight centered on the bike. If the bicycle were removed from Read More →

How to Mountain Bike Faster

By: Michael Frank What the pros know about speed can help you fly. “I see a guy going into a corner faster than he should and he needs to correct. He brakes, he starts to lean back on the suspension. So the tires break loose, there’s dirt flying everywhere and everyone around me goes, ‘Man Read More →

The Art of Drifting Around Corners

By: Brian Fiske It’s not easy, but this advanced move will help you carry more speed and control through corners. World Cup mountain biker Chris Kovarik shows you how. The Expert: Chris Kovarik holds the record for the largest margin of victory in a World Cup downhill race: 14 seconds, earned at the 2002 event Read More →