How to Ride a Short Steep Descent

At some time or another you’re bound to come across a steep transition.  These can be quite intimidating without a solid plan of action.  Using the following 6 steps,  you’ll find these quite easy and fun!   Ninja Coach Hannah Levine demonstrates the correct technique for riding a steep transition.  The transition she’s riding in Read More →

How to Ride Over a Log, 4 Steps

Whether intentionally placed or the result of nature, logs are a common obstacle on trails.  Smaller logs are easy to ride over, but larger logs, or logs that are partially elevate off the ground can be an intimidating obstacle.  The skill is relatively simple if you take the time to start small and progress your Read More →

Front Brake Mystery Explained

As beginner mountain bike riders we learn very quickly that the front brake is more powerful than the rear brake.  Many new riders refrain from even using their front brake due to that one time they grabbed it too hard and ended up flying over the bars.  And there is always that one friend that Read More →

Welcome Captain of Global Development

Please join us in welcoming to the Ninja Family, Hannah Levine.  Hannah will be the driving force behind Ninja camps, clinics and destination adventures on the east coast and beyond.  With an official job title of Captain of Global Development, we’ve got big things planned with her! In a former life, Hannah worked as a Read More →

We’re Sorry, But We’re Closing

For the third year in row, we’re shutting down our website on Black Friday to encourage our employees, our customers, and our communities to #optoutside. We are joining REI in this movement because we, too, believe that being outside (and on our bikes) makes us our best selves. Our lives are enriched by time spent Read More →

Team Ninja 2017 Year-end Party

It’s Party Time!! Join us for the annual Team Ninja Party! Sunday November 5 | 2pm – 7pm We’d love for you to come join us at our official Team Ninja 2017 Year-End Season Party. We’ll be reliving the glory days of this past year (like our team race results, our community outreach projects, and Read More →

Low-Speed, Steep Transitions

This is a low-speed skills used rolling down steep transitions (wheels on the ground).  It could be used for a rock step, the back side of a pile of logs, or any other steep change in grade.  This is a low-speed maneuver and differs from riding over a log, jumping or dropping.  In this skill, Read More →

Ninja Photo Contest Winner: August

Ninja Mountain Bike Performance presents a new monthly photo contest where entrants are eligible to receive a $50 Ninja Mountain Bike Performance gift card! PLUS the winning photo will be featured by Ninja Mountain Bike Performance on social media and the web. Every month, one (1) photo will be selected from Instagram or Facebook. All Read More →

How to Corner Like a Pro, 7 Steps

Learning how to corner correctly will make riding a heck of a lot more fun while doing wonders to increase your speed and efficiency.   To help you get started with stepping up your cornering game, we’ve broken the skill broken down into 7 steps: 1. Set Your Speed Slow down to a speed at Read More →

Ninja’s Head To New Zealand, 9 Day Tour

9 Day New Zealand Mountain Bike Tour (Jan 8-16, 2018) Ninja MTB performance is excited to announce the ultimate New Zealand guided ride experience. Sign up for a healthy sampling of the finest trails New Zealand’s North Island has to offer. Everything from machine built flow and bike park trails to epic back-country riding through Read More →