Weekly Mountain Bike Workouts in San Diego

2013_06_07_07.25.35_amThese workouts are lead by Coach Richard.  Richard is a cat 1 XC racer, USAC Certified Cycling Coach, IMBA Certified Mountain Bike Skills Instructor and the Tri Club San Diego Cycling Coach.  Be prepared from a fun, challenging workout.

Meetup at the entrance of the San Diego Velodrome.

San Diego Velodrome
2972-3268 Florida Drive
San Diego, CA 92104

This not your typical Mountain Bike ride!  Workouts vary from endurance, aerobic to anaerobic including efforts to increase your lactate threshold, Vo2Max and over all just make you FITTER, FASTER and STRONGER!

This class is appropriate for riders of all levels, from true beginners to experienced racers.   While the course is generally flat, have no worries, these workouts are as challenging as you’d like them to be.

Coach Richard will split the workout participants up into two groups. The beginner or Level 1 group, and the advanced or level 2 group.  The level 1 group will have a challenging but less intense version of the level 2 group workouts.  If the level 2 group workout is too intense, you can drop down to the level 1 effort.

The workout is free and meetup time is 5:45pm with the workout starting at 6:00pm Tuesday evenings, ending at 7:30.   All you need is a mountain bike, helmet and something to drink.   Meetup at the San Diego Velodrome entrance and we’ll roll over to the workout course.

Learn more about these weekly workouts here … http://www.meetup.com/Mountain-Bike-Workout/

Here’s a what others have to say about the workouts …

The thing I love most about these workouts, how painful it can be since you feel more accountable since coach richard is there – be ready to cough up a lung.  The rewarding thing about these workouts, how much stronger you’ll get.  The fun thing about these workouts, the camaraderie.  The best thing about the workouts, the fruit Coach Richard hands out at the end. ” — James Vo on Sep 13, 2013.

“ Another awesome ride workout. Thank you! ” — Wes on Jan 22, 2014.

“ Good. To the point. Like Richard said, it’s not a ride but it is a workout. My 2 cents; the last Vision Quest handed out little bells to attach to the handlebars, similar to bear bells. Trails are used where there are other bikers and hikers. Seems the consensus was while semi annoying to the bikers with the bells, hikers greatly appreciated the heads-up notice that a mtn biker was approaching. I will try to locate my bell and strap it on for next Workouts. Thanks ” — Steve on Jun 19, 2013.

“ Great! ” — Anne-Catherine (Cathy) on Nov 13, 2013.

“ Richard, thanks for creating this considerate group of riders – who enjoy a tough workout! ” — Doug Stewart on Nov 12, 2013.

600_156043792“ Awesome with great people. ” — Arnel on Sep 17, 2013.

“ The workout is great. If you are motivated and want to push hard the workout allows each individual to push as hard as desired. ” — Michael Henry on Sep 11, 2013.

“ I was late, but the short time was well worth attending. ”— Rodrigo Medina on Sep 11, 2013.

“ Phenomenal ..they are as difficult as you need to make them ….look forward to next week ” — patrick higgins on Sep 3, 2013.

“ Awesome! ” — Pat Murray on Aug 20, 2013.

“ Workouts are really good and will help me a great deal when I free ride ”— isidro on Jul 17, 2013.

“ Best Meetup in the world! ” — Michael Whitehurst on May 23, 2013.

“ This really was a workout! I’ve been to a couple clinics and have been disappointed in the past by the low level of intensity. This “workout” really was just that! It was nice to have actual techniques applied to words for someone who’s never been coached. I look forward to more hard work and knowledge! ” — Bridgett Beltran on Jun 27, 2012.

“ Excellent, I hope they continue… ” — Al on May 21, 2013.600_167807092

“ Awesome! A real workout that continuously kicks butt! Thanks Richard! 🙂 ” — Robbyn E. on Feb 13, 2013.

“ This group is a friendly group but I believe they’re more on the Advanced level. I’m hoping to be at that level one of these days 🙂 ” — Grace on Dec 25, 2012.

“ Great workout, learned a lot ” — Mike on Dec 12, 2012.

“ I think it deserves its name. Ain’t that the truth? ” — KimMarie on Oct 23, 2012.

“ Hard, Challenging…no matter what your skill level. Richard breaks it down to make a good workout for all and FUN for all…You never feel out of place and have fun working out with others and helping push each other ” — Eddie Alberton on Jun 27, 2012.

“ FUN time! ” — Kat Papike on Oct 17, 2012.

“ This is a great group and Coach Richard is awesome! ” — Glimmer Gear on Oct 15, 2012.

“ The workout was great! You could make it as hard or as easy as you want. ” — Bryan on Oct 9, 2012.

“ Lots of fun! Richard is really good! ” — Mike on Sep 19, 2012.

“ Awesome workout!!! ” — Mike Suarez on Sep 11, 2012.

“ Great! Cant wait to see everyone again! ” — Cassandra on Sep 4, 2012.

“ Complete range of rider levels – giving it their best on each event during the workout. Richard does keep it running very smoothly for all, even though we’re over 45 participants !!! ” — William Covington on Aug 29, 2012.
“ Excellent workout, great group, can’t wait for the next one! ” — Michael Asgian on Jul 31, 2012.

“ Sweet! ”— k on Jul 11, 2012.

“ Looking forward to attending again. ”— Brian Simpson on Jul 11, 2012.


“ Great! I’m ready for many more! ” — John Gio on Jun 20, 2012.

“ Very good. Good structure and the speed of the group pushes me to go faster. I think today was a bigger group than normal so it was hard to hear what the directions where unless you where in the front? Haaaaa! Unfortunately my buddy dropped his light and stopped to help him out. I didnt see where the rest of the riders went afterward so the ride was cut short for me. Oh well there is always next week 🙂 Thanks for organizing and putting this together Richard! ” — Bobby R. Sukhanil State Farm on Oct 9, 2012.

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