Ninja Mountain Bike Performance is the title sponsor of Team Ninja, a group of like-minded cyclists working together to achieve cycling goals, give back to the community, and inspire others to ride.

We are bound together by the spirit of mountain biking, being fitter, faster, stronger, helping the mountain biking community and ensuring the future of the sport through volunteering.

Team Ninja is run entirely on a volunteer basis and meets regularly in various locations for weekly group rides (road and mtn bike) as well as quarterly meetings and special events.

Who Is On Team Ninja?

Team Ninja is comprised of over 200 members primarily from the southwestern U.S. The team is open to everyone, regardless of skill level and experience. Racers and recreational riders are welcome. The only requirement is a shared commitment to the mission of the team. We'd love to have you!


Team Benefits

Here are a few of the many benefits you'll get as a member of the team.

Join Team Ninja

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