heidi_slominski_moutain_bikeHeidi Slominski

2013-05-24 05.09.22 pmHeidi’s passion for all-things-cycling began after her first mountain bike ride 7 yrs ago. Shortly after her first ride she started doing MTB races, began road cycling, gave triathlons a whirl and survived her first Ironman … (read more)

imba_certifiedKristina Vevia

Kristina got started mountain biking in 2013 as a way to improve her health and fitness.  She has come a long way since her first ride (2.5 miles on a paved bike path), and is passionate about sharing the sport with other women. In 2015, Kristina set a goal that she wanted to complete a 50 mile (6000ft) mountain bike ride with a group of her friends, and she knew to get ready for the ride (which was a year away in May 2016), that she needed to look at ways to improve both her fitness and technical skills (in order to “keep up with the guys”) … (read more)

Randy Inglis

2013-05-24 05.09.22 pmRandy has been riding mountain bikes since 1991. He is an former expert downhill rider with experience in XC, Endurance and Enduro racing.  He also raced motocross from 2002-2007.  He is an IMBA Certified level one Instructor … (read more)

richard_lachina_pro_riderRichard La China2013-05-24 05.09.22 pmUSCycling_Coach

Richard La China is Professional XC MTB racer and a USA Cycling Certified Coach who works with Beginner to Pro mountain bike racers as well as non-competitive recreational riders seeking to become their best. He is great coach for a mountain biker looking to improve their skills … (read more)

imba_certifiedCourtney Cowan

Courtney grew up immersed in the outdoors, spending her summers in the mountains sailing, water skiing, swimming and her winters skiing.  She didn’t get on a mountain bike until 2007, thanks to a graduate school professor, and never looked back.  She spent a few years riding on the east coast until moving back out west for the outdoor lifestyle she knew was meant for her.  She started racing in 2015 and is currently a Cat 1 for Team Ninja… (read more)

aaron_lucy_dirt_academy_dhAaron Lucy2013-05-24 05.09.22 pmpmbia-logo

Growing up in Queenstown, New Zealand, Aaron was immersed in the outdoors from an early age. White water rafting and Snowboarding were high school PE activities.  Aaron purchased his first mountain bike as transport to an after school job but soon found himself ripping up the local hiking trails on it. He was hooked … (read more)

 Nicco SalvadorNicco Salvador

Nicco started distance riding in his childhood, riding 50+ miles by age 11. When2013-05-24 05.09.22 pm not on long rides, he turned pedals at local BMX and jump tracks. His first long distance race was 24 Hours of Adrenaline and has been hooked on endurance ever since. Riding centuries, 12 and 24 hour races, his most notable ride was Leadville in 2012 … (read more)

Nikki PetersonNikki Bonelli 1

Nikki Peterson grew up in Las Vegas, NV and Riverton, WY. She was an 11 time State Champion in cross country running and the 400m, 800m, 1600m, 3200m, and the 4 x 400m relay. She still holds 2 state records in the 800m and 1600m for Nevada … (read more)

imba_certifiedIvan Valentine

Ivan began his cycling career at an early age by building a series of poorly constructed ramps. He usually didn’t hurt himself. In 2008 Ivan joined Texas 4000 for Cancer riding 4500 miles from Austin, Texas to Anchorage, Alaska, and completing a self supported double century in the mountains of British Columbia … (read more)

Jessica CeraJessica Cera

Born and raised in the mountains of Whitefish, MT Jess grew up with a love for outdoor recreation.  She enjoyed cross-country skiing, snow shoeing, hiking, and running as hobbies, but didn’t enter her first mountain bike race until 2007.  Jess completed her first XTERRA race in 2008. In 2010 she won the overall female amateur title at the XTERRA National Championship … (read more)

 2013-03-08 10.56.45 amimba_certifiedJeff Meyer

Jeff is a great teacher and has helped many riders improve their Mountain Bike Skills over the years.  Jeff has held a Pro XC license for 9 years, was also ranked in the top 50 in ABA & NBL BMX Nationally Ranked… (read more)

 IMG_2527Daniel Pitard

2013-05-24 05.09.22 pmAs the story goes, Daniel’s obsession with wheels started at the early age of two when he learned to ride his bike around the neighborhood without training wheels.  Fast forward through the years of street riding, bmx, dirt jumping and general adolescent mayhem to ten years ago.  Life got hectic and Daniel needed to burn off steam.  He picked up a road bike for the first time and never looked back … (read more)

 2013-03-07 09.55.15 amStephane Roch

Stephane started mountain biking at a young age simply as a way to get to school. He quickly loved fell in love with the sport and spent most of his after school time riding and exploring the many canyons and trails San Diego has to offer.  When he was 15 he went to his first mountain bike race at Vail Lake, Temecula and over the next decade has worked his way up the ranks to become a Cat 1(expert) racer… (read more)