Heidi Slominski

About Heidi Slominski

(IMBA Level II Certified Skills Instructor)

Heidi’s passion for all-things-cycling began after her first mountain bike ride 7 yrs ago.  Shortly after her first ride she started doing MTB races, began road cycling, gave triathlons a whirl and survived her first Ironman, and then upped the ante by finishing her first 24hr-solo MTB race with a top 10 finish in 2012.


In 2012, Heidi joined the Bikes for Boobs cycling team and competes at the Expert level in races up to 50-miles. Heidi is happy to be able to give back to the sport she loves by helping people hone their MTB skills and gain the confidence needed to ride safely and have fun.  As someone who learned most of her MTB talents through trial and error (aka crashes that lead to bumps & bruises!), Heidi understands the importance of learning technical riding skills, knowing how to feel “one” with your bike, and learning how to control fear and focus so it doesn’t override quick decision making and confidence.

When she isn’t riding a bike, Heidi loves hiking, snowboarding, and helping fellow riders learn more about muscle maintenance/recovery (she’s a Massage Therapist) and cycling related nutrition (she’s finishing a Clinical Nutrition program).

Heidi is also an IMBA Level II Certified Skills Instructor, one of the first to be certified in the US.