Courtney Cowan

Courtney grew up immersed in the outdoors, spending her summers sailing, water skiing, swimming and winter skiing. She didn’t get on a mountain bike until 2007. She spent a few years riding on the east coast until moving back out west for the outdoor lifestyle she knew was meant for her. She started racing in 2015 and is currently a Cat 1 racer for Team Ninja.

However, her passion is exploring and riding for pure joy. Her and her husband have built their life around the outdoors, spending most weekends traveling for rides, having spent 4 weeks and at least 10 weekend riding trips in 2016 alone.

Courtney is also Founder of Real Health Coaching, a program helping women achieve long term, sustainable weight loss and a healthy lifestyle without dieting. Courtney is a health advocate, health coach, fitness expert. As a Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Courtney is board certified to work with individuals with Diabetes, heart disease, MS, and other medical challenges.

She has an innate passion to help others change their health-style and get more involved in the outdoors. As a coach, she loves sharing her passion for riding and helping others to gain confidence in their bike skills.