Chris Schieffer – Marketing Ninjaneer

“Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.”

-Henry Ford

Chris is a ColoRADo Native and got her first fully rigid mountain bike in 1994, which she used to bike through the woods to get to school and… everywhere. Chris is a BICP Level 2 & NICA Level 2 certified mountain bike instructor and coaches groups of women and young ladies in her free time. 

Chris has two boys (four if you count the husband and trail dog) who help keep her active and motivated to get outside. Mountain Biking is obviously the best sport ever invented, but Chris also enjoys traveling (to bike), rafting, camping, snowboarding, running, hiking, weight lifting, and generally being active and outdoors.

Fun fact:  Chris has extremely short hair and tends to “look like a dude” with a helmet on, so she wears an obscene amount of colors and FLAIR on the trail. She has bedazzled all of her bike helmets with glitter and teenie tiny hats because #ShesActuallyAUnicorn.

Fly fly

Home Base:

Golden, ColoRADo

Instructor Certifications:

BICP Level 2, NICA Level 2

Favorite Type of Terrain:

Chunky, Technical, Rocky, Desert. 

Favorite Post-Ride Drink:

Skratch, Beer or Hard Kombucha (gotta get the health benefits in somehow)

Riding Tip/Trail Mantra:

Learning how to ride SLOWLY and in control, practicing track stands and always looking ahead are invaluable skills. These will give you time to scan the trail for fun lines and obstacles.

“Stay Ready” and “Yes I can!”

Favorite Riding partner(s):

I love riding with my sons & husband because they see something scary and ask mommy to show them how to ride it. #ladyshred 

How did you get into Mountain Biking?

I lived in the middle of nowhere growing up and had to ride my bike to get EVERYWHERE. After college I wanted a more exciting way to exercise and started riding mountain bikes for fitness, sport, meditation, then fun… honestly it turned into a cure-all for boredom and subsequently into a lifelong obsession.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

I would prefer to live in a van and be a nomad so I can experience living everywhere and nowhere all at once. 

Looking to Contact Chris:

You can fist bump her on the trails of sunny Golden ColoRADo, Arizona, Utah and New Mexico. Send an email to or find her on Instagram @mtb_ismyspiritanimal