5 Things You Can Do To Instantly Ride Better

Mountain biking doesn’t have to be all about going BIGGER and BADDER.  Turns out, tuning up the little things is all it takes to launch your riding to the next level.   Ready to step it up a notch?  Here are 5 important tune-ups to focus in on. 1. Head Up Look where you want to Read More →

Easy Guide To Floating Down Stairs

It turns out, perfecting stair riding will help both your Urban Slayer reputation AND your ability to tackle technical singletrack.  Mother nature (and trail builders) frequently throw stair-like features our way on the trail.  Perfecting your stair riding will, in turn, better prepare you to smoothly sail down these features. No more bobble head. No more bumpity bumpity.  Read More →

Learn to Track Stand in 8 Steps

  Track standing is one of those old faithful mountain bike skills; reliable, practical and just a little showy.   The track stand will help you to tackle technical sections of trails, navigate city riding and of course, show off for your friends. Here are a few practical applications for a track stand: Pause at the top Read More →

The Art Of Conquering Skinnies

Oh, the dreaded skinny.  For many riders, the thought of getting those fat mountain bike tires rolling in a straight line down a log or thin plank gets the heart pounding.  Consider these 8 steps to in your quest to conquer skinnies … 1. Get Mental As with most things in mountain biking, you need Read More →

When not to use your middle finger

Is your braking holding you back? Much of an experienced mountain biker’s control, skill and speed lies both in the way they use their brakes (ease the squeeze!) AND the way they set-up their brake controls on the bars.   In this article, we’re going to focus on the importance of proper set-up of your brake levers.   Read More →

Want to ride faster? Try slowing down

“Smooth is fast.”  You’ve heard that a hundred times … but what does it really mean?   If you’re focused on riding fast, expect to spend the majority of your ride in a very reactive state.    This can result in poor line choice, over-breaking in corners, bouncing down technical sections (causing fatigue), wasting energy cleaning up Read More →

The Ultimate Ninja Adventure Van

Ninja Instructor Hannah Levine is selling her super rad camper van.  This van has been designed to maximize space and functionality. Lots of storage for your all your gear and clothes. Ideal for anyone looking to travel with bikes and dogs! Fits in a normal parking space; easy to drive and maneuver. The perfect Ninja Read More →

What’s Next? Continuing your Ninja Journey

So you’ve just completed your first Ninja Clinic and you’re realizing this Ninja stuff is pretty cool. You’re hungry for more. What’s next? Finished your first Fundamentals Clinic? Join us for a full day of INTERMEDIATE / ADVANCED skills. Feeling comfortable with your tires on the ground but itching to get some air? Take a Read More →

If you think you can’t do it, you’re right

Perhaps Henry Ford said it best “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t.  You’re right.”. Self talk can have a substantially  positive or negative effect on your riding performance and your ability to handle technical aspects of a trail or race course. If you roll up to every obstacle on the trail and Read More →

Obstacle Cost Versus Return

Should you ride over, through or around that obstacle? What is the cost associated with each of these options?  The reality is, we may be  hitting the trail with different objectives; a casual ride with friends, working on our technical skills or perhaps racing to a finish line.   The nature of your ride should impact Read More →