Ninja Photo Contest Winner: August

Ninja Mountain Bike Performance presents a new monthly photo contest where entrants are eligible to receive a $50 Ninja Mountain Bike Performance gift card!

PLUS the winning photo will be featured by Ninja Mountain Bike Performance on social media and the web.

Every month, one (1) photo will be selected from Instagram or Facebook. All you need to do for your photo to be in the running is use the hashtag: #ridelikeaninja

You can post as many photos as you want during the month with that hashtag. NO LIMITS. A winner will be selected by the man behind the Ninja mask and he has the following suggestions to increase your odds of winning:

Use the hashtag: #ridelikeaninja
Wear Ninja gear, have others in Ninja gear (bonus for MULTIPLE Ninjas)
Strike them Ninja poses (Ready position, head up, etc)

We really want people to capture the Ninja spirit – so get creative and be safe!


Richard La China is a Professional Mountain Bike racer, USAC Certified Cycling Coach and a IMBA Certified Mountain Bike Skills Instructor who coaches beginner to pro cyclist. Currently working with mountain bike XC, Endurance and Enduro racers and other competitive and non-competitive mountain bike riders seeking to become their best.

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