Results from the September 23, 2015 | Time Trial – Tri Club San Diego

September 23 | Fiesta Island Time Trial

Processed with VSCOcam with q3 preset

(Updated 10/06/15 7:47pm, RL.)

Please Contact Coach Richard here if there are any timing, spelling, or other corrections.


RankNameTT FinalAverage MPH
1Greg Kogut0:27:1327.40
2Nick Deschamps0:28:5125.85
3Connor Torre0:29:3225.25
4Peter Wieczorek0:29:5124.98
5Harper Vansteen0:30:0624.77
6Tristan Gonzalez0:30:4524.25
7Ajay Sapre0:31:0424.00
8Darrell Styner0:31:2123.78
9Scott Witeby0:31:2623.72
10Jame Vo0:31:3423.62
11Lubin Piedras0:31:4623.47
12Tim Kadel0:31:5023.42
13Tom Bonham0:31:5823.33
14Steve Ally0:31:5823.33
15Jim England0:32:0523.24
16Andrew Musbach0:32:0723.22
17Paul Brockland0:32:1823.08
18Randy Schmitz0:32:4822.73
19Kevin Fayad0:33:4922.05
20Dave Ousley0:33:5721.96
21Marcus Serdano0:34:1821.74
22Nick Wenger0:34:2021.72
23Trevor Spletts0:34:4821.43
24David Isacc0:35:1421.16
25Robert Willard0:35:3720.94
26Andrew Martin0:37:1320.04
27Anthony Farina0:39:1618.99


RankNameTT FinalAverage MPH
1Chritsy England0:32:0423.25
2Diana Elow0:32:3022.94
3Maureen Baran0:32:3922.84
4Jessica Border0:33:3122.25
5Lisa Serrano0:35:1421.16
6Anne Clancy0:35:2121.09
7Cherrie Chilom0:38:0219.61
8Kirsten Dansbury0:40:3218.40
9Diana Witt0:41:4417.87
10Mariana Noli0:42:5217.39
11Nicole Delia0:49:2515.09

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