How to Ride Over a Log, 4 Steps

Whether intentionally placed or the result of nature, logs are a common obstacle on trails.  Smaller logs are easy to ride over, but larger logs, or logs that are partially elevate off the ground can be an intimidating obstacle for the average rider.  The skill is relatively simple if you take the time to start small and progress your way up to larger objects.

For this skill, starting with a 2×4 and progressing to a 4×4 then a small log is a great way to work your way up to an actual log.   When you practicing on the small obstacles, works on precision — see if you can get over the object without touching it at all, or just skimming it.

Once you have it perfected, move on to the larger obstacle.

Set up
Assume the ready position and look ahead to the top of the log as you approach it at a jogging speed.  Stay relaxed.

Front wheel
Just as you approach the log, compress then explode the front wheel up onto the top of the log.

Rear wheel
Once your front tire is over the log, shift your weight towards the front of your bike allowing your rear tire to lift up and over the log.

Un-weight the handlebar as the front wheel rolls down back to the trail to minimize fork compression and allow a smooth front wheel roll-out — remember to keep looking forward.

That’s it — enjoy!

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