Results from the Spoke Grenade Balboa Park TT (Time Trial / Fitness Test) 05/23/13

Results: Spoke Grenade Balboa Park TT (Time Trial / Fitness Test) 05/23/13

PlaceRider NameSeed OrderStart TimeFinsih TimeTT TimeOverall Place
1Justin Taylor16:45:006:55:570:10:571
2Devin Young56:47:007:00:100:13:102
3Nicco Salvador26:46:006:59:290:13:293
4Scott Schwartz116:50:007:03:380:13:384
5Doug Stewart86:48:307:02:220:13:525
6Joe YoungLincoln26:45:306:59:230:13:536
7Kevin Latin126:50:307:04:240:13:547
9Darrell Styner76:48:007:03:140:15:149
10Michael Whitehurst96:49:007:06:260:17:2612
1Heidi Amundson46:46:307:02:390:16:0910
2Annie Mascorro106:49:307:05:460:16:1611


Next MTB TT / Fitness Test June 20, 2013

Put your riding skills and fitness to the test!

These TT/Fitness Test events are lead by Crank Cycling Coach Richard La China.  Richard is an IMBA Level II MTB Skills Certified / USAC Certified Cycling Coach specializing in Mountain Biking.

This is your chance to set a baseline of your Mountain Biking skill, speed and fitness. We’ll be holding these TT’s once a month.  Join us for this super fun timed event.  The event is free, however a $10 donation would be great (cash only).


*Please make sure to RSVP so we can create the seed list.   No TT experience needed, just come out and ride / we’ll explain everything, all rider levels welcome.

Sign up for the Next TT/Fitness Test!



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