Mountain Bike Skills :: Intermediate/Advanced

mb001So you’re a competent mountain biker or XC racer and can ride most technical terrain with confidence. So why can’t you go as fast as your friends?  The answer is that you probably haven’t yet found your flow.  You’ve probably eached a plateau in your mountain biking and perhaps can’t ride faster on technical terrain without fear of crashing?  Or, maybe you’ve tried a few trails, but lacked the confidence to hit technical sections as hard as you would like?

Our Mountain Bike Skills :: Intermediate/Advanced coaching course will build upon your Mountain Bike Skills Fundamentals to give you a toolbox of mountain bike skills that you can apply to any terrain, in any location, and any in conditions; be it a gnarly back country trail or our local race course.  This full day coaching course also looks closely  at the key elements to finding your flow and builds upon your fundamentals to improve your trail speed and energy management.

Following training you will see an immediate improvement in your riding and a boost in your confidence on technical trails.  You will be able to tackle rougher terrain and trickier corners with greater control and negotiate bigger trail obstacles and moderate drops with confidence and commitment.  You will also gain a boost in speed and commitment on fast flowing single track, switchbacks, berms; all of which achieved with far less pedaling by using the topography of the trail to retain, and even, increase speed.

“This was awesome. Having someone dissect your riding member_12377668into a few skills that you can focus on is a great starting point in order to make you faster. I’m sure everyone including myself experienced a positive feeling in how to improve from this point on. — Don’t expect to be a world champ after this clinic but to learn what and where and most importantly how to improve your trail riding from now on. Richard gives you the tools but you have to put in the work.” ~Michael Asgian


Course outline

The skills taught and practiced on the Mountain Bike Skills :: Intermediate/Advanced course include:

  • Mind skills
  • Mastering manual front-wheel lifts
  • Manual dropping roots & steps
  • Cornering with speed & confidence
  • Reading & breaking down the trail
  • Introduction to energy management & flow
  • Linking trail sections for flow
  • Attacking flat corners
  • Flat and cambered corners
  • Bermed corners; lines and pumping
  • Switchbacks
  • Maximizing grip and traction with pumping
  • Learning to pump for speed & air


“That was time well spent – thanks Coach Richard!  If you member_83806742do more clinics, I’d recommend them to my friends regardless of their speed level…” ~Patrick

mountain-bike-dropTypical Schedule

Although the course is flexible it will usually keep to the following program:

  • 07:45-08:00 Arrival at course venue
  • 8:00-8:30 Course commences, introductions and equipment check
  • 8:30-8:45 Warm-up ride to skills area
  • 8:45-11:00 Accelerated review of Fundamentals with Int/Advanced progressions
  • 11:00-12:00 Practice progression in practice area.
  • 12:00-1:00 Lunch Break (bring your own, or we’ll pick a place nearby).
  • 1:00- 4:00 Hit the trails, practice everything you’ve learned on the trails.
  • 4:00 – 4:15 Recap, review of skills learned, questions.

“Good clinic. It was helpful to learn, practice with repetition and get critiqued by member_48492682the coach all at once. I look forward to an intermediate level class! Thanks for doing this coach Richard!” ~Sally

At the end of your course you will receive

  • Personalized Feedback
    to remind you of your performance on your course
  • An Action Plan
    to help you consolidate your new skills and progress your mountain biking into the future
  • 30 Days Free Support
    if you have any questions about what you’ve learned or need any other


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