Results: Spoke Grenade Balboa Park Mountain Bike TT (Time Trial / Fitness Test) 07/25/13

Rider Name Start Time Finsih Time July TT Time PR
Aaron 6:43:00 6:54:08 0:11:08
James Vo 6:44:00 6:56:13 0:12:13
Henry H 6:46:00 6:58:44 0:12:44
Ryan Brown 6:43:30 6:56:22 0:12:52 0:00:48
Todd 6:44:30 6:57:28 0:12:58 0:00:13
Doug Stewart 6:45:00 6:58:41 0:13:41 0:00:30
Advait 6:45:30 6:59:27 0:13:57 0:00:33
Vinny 6:47:00 7:02:08 0:15:08
Annie 6:46:30 7:02:26 0:15:56
Axel 6:47:30 7:05:37 0:18:07
Rod Medina 6:48:00 7:09:48 0:21:48

Next Mountain Bike TT / Fitness Test *Tuesday* August 20, 2013

Put your riding skills and fitness to the test!

These TT/Fitness Test events are lead by Crank Cycling Coach Richard La China. Richard is an IMBA Level II MTB Skills Certified / USAC Certified Cycling Coach specializing in Mountain Biking.

This is your chance to set a baseline of your Mountain Biking skill, speed and fitness. We’ll be holding these TT’s once a month. Join us for this super fun timed event. The event is free, however a $10 donation would be great (cash only).


*Please make sure to RSVP so we can create the seed list. No TT experience needed, just come out and ride / we’ll explain everything, all rider levels welcome.

Click here to RSVP for the Next TT/Fitness Test!


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